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  8 FEBRUARY 2016 Issue 162 - It takes a global village to raise a global child





It takes a global village to raise a global child

On the 2nd of February Kgwebong Pictures hosted a certificate award ceremony at Bodibeng library, in Shoshanguve, North of Pretoria. The theme of the event was 'It takes a whole village to raise a child', and by the number of stakeholders and teachers who were present, the theme fitted very well.
The event  was about acknowledgement and to show appreciation to the embassies, organizations and schools that supported the career pathing programs for students.
Pictured (l-r) with Certificates of Appreciation are Ms Ruth Koko-Public Affairs Section-U.S Embassy, Ms Rita Van Jurec-Public Affairs and Media Relations Officer-Canadian High Commission, Mr Djaka Widyatmadja- Economic Section - Embassy of Indonesia, Mr Gunarmand Nainggolan Second Secretary - Embassy of Indonesia, Mr Kirtan Bhana-Director-The Diplomatic Society, Mr Sello Motsei-Director-Kgwebong Pictures, Mr Amir Bidar Moghadam-Cultural Attaché- Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Ms Josefina Tilman - Charge d'Affaires-Embassy of Timor Leste

Celebrating Reggae Month

By H.E. Cheryl Spencer, High Commissioner of Jamaica
It is here again, Reggae Month, the month during which the impact of Reggae music on Jamaica’s social, cultural and economic development is celebrated.
Therefore, on the occasion of Reggae Month, the Jamaican High Commission in Pretoria welcomes the opportunity to join Reggae fans in South and Southern Africa in celebrating Reggae and its influence worldwide.
In fact, it is still very difficult to quantify the impact of that small Caribbean Island and its music on global culture. These days Jamaican music is everywhere, securing the country’s influence for many years to come. With lyrics that still balance the central themes of peace, love, justice and equality, Reggae is still the conscience of socio-political activities and policies.
It is no wonder that some say that Reggae is a way of life.
The theme for this year's celebrations is “Reggae Mekyah”, Jamaican patois translated “Reggae was made here”, which serves to highlight the country as the creator of Reggae.


Diplomatically Speaking


H.E. Mr. Le Huy Hoang, Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to South Africa gives insight into his inspiration and interests.


An Interview with Dr Sapna Naik at the University of Mysore

On the  last  day of the 11th International Global Communication Association (GCA) Conference hosted  by the University of Mysore in India, The  Diplomatic  Society  Global  Editor Srimal Fernando sat down with  Dr Sapna  Naik, well-known  academic  from  the Department of   Communication and Journalism, University of Mysore to find out more about her background. In an exclusive interview with Dr  Sapna  Naik, she answered in-depth questions and spoke about her experience as an Assistant  Professor at the Department of Communication and Journalism at the University of Mysore and her experience, views and changes in the discipline. 

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