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   11 December 2018 Issue 235 - Season's Greetings




Seasonal Lights on

Ambassador Helene Budliger Artieda of Switzerland in South Africa inaugurated the Seasonal light installation at the official residence in Lawley Street, Pretoria.
Switzerland, winter and winter sports was the theme of this year's installation and it was a bit of Switzerland coming to Pretoria. Beautiful artworks were displayed on the boundary wall of the residence.



Russia is a vast and diverse country that has everything: from stern and gorgeous arctic plains to scorching hot deserts, from rolling green lowlands and hills to snow-capped mountain ranges.
But even among these immense natural riches, the Altai is considered a very special land with a truly unique geographic location, breathtaking natural sights, remarkable culture and history. It is so huge that it actually includes two regions of Russia: the Republic of Altai and the Altai Krai.
No amount of verbose and colourful descriptions can truly relay the magnificence, but we hope a glimpse into what makes this place so special will encourage people to visit and see it with their own eyes.

The land of horseriders and storytellers

The Altay are the indigenous people of the Altai region. They are a Turkic people who carefully preserve their lifestyle and unique culture. Some of them prefer to wear traditional garb – a round sheepskin cap with a silk tassel on the top while living in wooden huts and yurts.
 A few, just like their ancestors, still live as nomads, yet most have given up the nomadic way of life.
Some of the Altay are Shamanists – religious practitioners who use the rhythm of drums to fall into a trance and communicate with spirits. Most of these people are talented storytellers and outstanding horseriders – Altay children learn to sit in a saddle before they can even walk.








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